Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

Chantecaille is known for their foundations, I mean they’re legendary. So legendary in fact that I was recently compelled to spend $68 for Future Skin even though my personal foundation collection is pretty much complete. What compelled me most  (beyond their reputation alone) was the completely original way it covered and treated the skin. Plus, how many oil-free, gel-based foundations do I have? Well, zero.

Not only is the texture thick and dreamy, it also delivers water into the skin in a way that hydrates but doesn’t produce shine. Regular use actually decreases sebum production, so if you get shiny, this is perfect. The coverage is medium to full, so you can sheer it out where you don’t need a lot of coverage and really build it where you do.

Believe the hype, Chantecaille knows what great foundation is all about.


  1. Not sure if we've talked about this foundation before but I've been a huge fan of Chantecaille. I visit Neiman's once a month for what I call my Chantecaille Fix!!! Go see Jackie!!! CGray

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