Spring 2010 Preview; SpaRitual and Orly

At the Long Beach Expo yesterday I caught up with Orly and SpaRitual to check out what they had in store for spring. Everyone was so helpful and sweet- which is great because I really like both lines so it’s always a nice surprise when the people at the company match up with how you view the line itself. That makes sense right?

Here are their spring collections along with a few other shades that caught my eye.

Believe (available now) is the new spring lineup for SpaRitual which includes 6 vibrant shades of crémes with one shimmer, Hope Springs Eternal (pink at right) that might be the first bright pink polish I’ve liked in a long time. On the left is Shoot for the Stars, I’m a sucker for anything purple.

Clearly, the star of the collection is Yes, I can, a leafy almost frog green that would look great on any skin tone. I got to see it on, it was eye-catching but not obnoxious or overdone. Jade who? This green is the new statement shade of the summer.

I couldn’t resist Spellbound, it looked like ruby red slippers. It’s mesmerizing. Perfect on toes that peek out of dressy sandals and flip-flops alike.

Orly chose all crémes for Sweet (out in April), their spring lineup of 6 candy colored pastels-with-a-kick that are sure to be a hit. Of course I wanted Lemonade, the airy yellow that was completely sold out (along with the rest of the line), but I managed to wrangle one of two Lollipops (below) that they had left. I can see why it cleared out so quick, I’d use every single color. It’s the ultimate in girly fun.

Here’s the complete lineup, left to right: Pixy Stix, Lollipop, Lemonade, Gumdrop, Cotton Candy, and Snowcone.

I know the collection isn’t new, but Metal Chic, their matte metallic trio, was new to me. I wasn’t sure what to think of matte polish at first, but I really like it. I’ve seen matte polishes look a little drab, but the addition of metallic sparkle made an edgy statement that’s easier to wear than you’d think.

I’m wearing Iron Butterfly (above left).

Keep in mind that bold polish look best on shorter nails. Updating your nail colors is a cheap and easy way to keep your look current and add a little splash of color when you need it.

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  1. I have Spellbound too and think it´s very pretty.

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