Best Skin Care that Gives Plastic Surgery Results on Martino TV with Peter Thomas Roth, Freeze 24/7, and Kinerase

I was recently on Martino TV in Denver and I brought with me skin care with the latest and greatest technology. Peptides, neuropeptides, kinetin, and gaba- it’s all included in the science of skin. If you’re looking to make some big changes in your skin, check out the video below and see what technology might be a fit for you.

Some of the skin care I brought promised immediate results, so I got there a little early to try it on a few Martino TV staffers so we could photograph the results and air it along with the segment. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it all together in time, but the pictures were great nonetheless.

I used Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye to the woman below. Her ‘before’ is on the left and then 15 minutes later I took the ‘after.’ You can see the finer lines diminish and the overall clarity of the skin around the eyes improve.

We also used the Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum (below). What a difference it made! Keep in mind also, that I was sure to have the women make the same facial expression in both photos and I tried to capture the photos the same way. I wasn’t trying to spin it one way or the other because I really wanted to see what the results were too.

Since I don’t have issues with firming (…yet) I gave it to someone who did so I could get some honest feedback on how the peptide-rich, Firmx works. She says she can see a noticeable improvement in her profile especially in her jowls after about 3 weeks of use. She also said she’ll buy it again- a popular sentiment since I see that it’s sold out online.

I really meant what I said about products that will take your skin in a new direction. Before even thinking about any type of cosmetic surgery rev up your skin care first- the results may really surprise you.

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  1. I used PTR Unwrinkle pads that you liked and they made a really big difference. I love them.

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