Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray & Volumizing Spray

I knew that when I came out to California for a few weeks that I’d need to make a few product adjustments. I packed a lighter moisturizer for my face, I used little more setting powder over my foundation, and of course switched to a body oil instead of a heavy lotion. I didn’t even consider that my trusty hair lineup would need a big overhaul too.

Being a stone’s throw from the ocean accentuates my natural wave, but mid-day my curls are stuck to my head and my roots look greasy. It’s not like I’m using anything heavy, but my hair just wasn’t working with the humidity when I was using the same products that I did in Denver where it’s bone dry.

My trip over to L.A for the Grammy Style Studio brought me to the Cutler suite where I learned (a little later than most) about a line that’s on the lips of every major Beauty Editor- even Vogue.

Rodney Cutler is the owner of 3 big time salons in New York and Miami who developed a concise, hard-working line of hair care that you’ve probably seen at Ulta, or maybe  on QVC. or you could just read his blog on Rachel Ray. He’s very humble and sweet so you’d never know that he had such a glamourous life and we chatted so much that I forgot to take his photo, but this is him- cute huh?

I didn’t get to try the whole line, but what I did try has turned out to be my personal hair saviors. Cutler’s Specialist Protectant Treatment Spray moisturizes and protect strands from heat and sun damage. Its moisture rich avocado oil, polymers, and almond protein literally relaxed my post-washed tangles so they were a snap to comb through, but didn’t weigh my hair down.

Their Volumizing Spray makes me happy. Usually I can only get volume this good from a heavy mousse but the light spray gave me the lift I love without being detectable in the hair. No tacky, gummy feel, just a lot of natural looking bounce.

I should add that Cutler isn’t a line for one specific climate, it isn’t even a line for one specific hair type. There isn’t a ‘dry’ hair formulation, or one for ‘fine’ hair, they’re products created for women who want healthy, bouncy, shiny hair. It’s as simple as that.

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