Celebrity Makeup Artist Scott Barnes’ New Book; About Face

The term ‘celebrity Makeup Artist’ is tossed around quite a bit, but nobody is more deserving of the moniker than Scott Barnes. He beautifies the already beautiful faces of Hollywood A-listers- you know, the ones who only need first names; Gwyneth, Uma, Celine, and even the ones with snazzy nicknames like J Lo.

Naturally the next step for Barnes is the one he made, creating About Face, a book to spill his secrets on all things makeup. His style is my favorite- all out glam, straight beauty makeup applied with precision. His star clients even came out to support him at his recent book launch party in NYC, here’s a snap of Jennifer Lopez, the book’s cover girl, posing with Barnes himself.

Here’s a video of Barnes in action and why I really like him. He’s using $3 eyeliner to smoke up a day look into a night one. He even gets old school and heats up the pencil tip up with a lighter. Brings me back to high school. It’s a worthwhile vid to watch and maybe one of the best smokey eyes I’ve seen in a while. Of course it helps that she’s perfect looking to begin with, but the makeup is spot on.

I just ordered the book myself and I found it’s the cheapest here on Amazon.com. Whether you like to add drama to your look from time to time, or if you generally keep it pretty simple, it’s always good to stay sharp on your techniques so you know what goes where. A skilled makeup application allows you to get the very most out of the short time you spend putting it on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The work Scott Barnes does is truly amazing, his talent was really showcased with 38yr old Sonia Kapoor, Kohli was married to my uncle 10yearsago0she used him for a passport and cheated on him constantly.

  2. One of the make overs in the book is of a 43 year old man!! Magic of make up and photoshop!! I will give you a hint- he is in part 3 of the book:)

  3. That was one of the best smokey eye videos I've watched. I like how easy it is. That's the eyeliner my mom used to use!

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