Jane Iredale Melon PureGloss & Brush-Me-Bronze

I use a lot of Jane Iredale. Day to day, it’s the bulk of what I use. Her innovative products keep me coming back for more which says a lot since my cabinets are fully stocked with everything you can imagine. Everything, apparently, except a bright corral gloss for spring. I typically wear a muted natural gloss, but since I’m starting to use more bronzer, I needed my lips to stand up to the added color in my face. PureGloss in Melon (pictured below) is sheer enough for even the biggest nude lip enthusiast without looking orangey.

Brush-Me Bronze is the bronze-filled version of Brush-Me Matte, the invisible mattifying powder I always keep my makeup bag. Twist the top piece to unlock it allowing the brush to fill with a small amount of mineral based bronzer and sweep it where you need a color boost. It’s not a glittery formula so you can’t see even the slightest shimmer even in the daylight which makes it more wearable (and more believable). I’m pretty fair and have the #2 so unless you’re incredibly fair (like alabaster fair) I’d probably lean toward the #2 as well.

With all of the new spring collections just remember that a few new things can be enough to keep you modern and, in this case, ready for spring.

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  1. GlamourandLove says:

    That coral color seems really pretty!!


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