Less (Makeup) is More

We hear it all the time especially from men how we (supposedly) look better when we wear less makeup. I took a screenshot from People.com where they offered up 2 photos of Jessica Biel wearing more of a natural look and then wearing a bit more. Both looks are pretty and the makeup on the right isn’t over the top or heavy, but the clear winner was the no-makeup look.

Now, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that she’s as close to perfect looking as it gets, but I see it as a testament to great grooming. Keeping up on brows and taking care of your skin allow you to be able to skimp on color when you don’t have time in the morning and still look put together. It’s also what makes her ‘undone’ photo so stunning, the fact that you can see her face more clearly with nothing standing in the way.

Julianne Moore‘s Natural Vs Glam photos are a prime example of why women need to start wearing less makeup as they get a little older. She’s still smokin’ hot at 50, but looks about 10 years younger in less overwhelming makeup. Women over 40 should focus on getting the skin glowing and natural looking- you should see your skin and not the makeup. Use a few drops of something that gives luminosity if you need to, but kiss the harsh black liner goodbye for everyday use. It might be a little bit of an adjustment seeing yourself with less makeup at first, but notice the compliments you get and take to heart your friends’ advice which is probably dead on, just like the women who voted on Ms Moore’s look above.

See more Natural Vs Glam on People.com right HERE.

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  1. Julianne Moore looks awful made up and it does make her look older. She's so pretty and doesn't need that much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn't disagree more – I think she looks confident, sexy, and powerful with the glam look. Women don't need to be constrained by the old-school rules when they look that great!

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