Zia Natural Skincare; Food-Based Facial Masks

I believe the evolution in skin care looks something like this; using food on the skin, using technology, using food and technology.

‘Eatable’ skin care is the hottest ‘new’ way to deliver those antioxidants made by nature into your skin for glowing results. Zia Natural Skincare uses food to treat, nourish, and revive the skin in their mask line.

Their Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask clarifies dull, damaged, and oily skin by decongesting and infusing your skin with Vitamins A and E. It’s not a clay-based mask so there isn’t a tight feeling on the skin, and ‘pumpkin’ isn’t just something they threw on the jar for marketing, it’s the mask’s 2nd ingredient so you’re getting the natural nourishment they promise.

If enlarged pores and dark patches are more your concern, their sweet smelling Apple Refining Mask should do the trick. It’s filled with apple juice, milk, lemon juice and green tea extract and has the consistency of a creamy moisturizer. It allows the vitamins to soak into the skin and leaves such a nice soft feeling once you wash it off.

For skin that needs a little more revving up, try the Papaya Enzyme Mask to dig out dirt, oil and flaky patches. It doesn’t sting the skin like some enzyme masks can because of the sunflower seed oil and honey which calm and soothe so the papaya con comfortable do its job.

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