Oscar Night 2010 Red Carpet Photos

It’s so wonderful and refreshing to see a wide variety of women walk down the red carpet into the Oscars this year. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gabourey Sidibe looked age-appropriately glam and gorgeous. She didn’t go too dark on her eyes which I loved, but I would’ve given her a little more color on her lips. Nothing too dark, but a medium pinky shade just to give her look a little more pop. Occasion makeup deserves more color than you typically wear, you want your face to be as formal as the gown and the event itself.

Helen Mirren is always stunning, and tonight was no exception. She kept her eye makeup soft wearing pink on her lips and cheeks which made her look lifted and fresh. Smokey eyes, (along with mini-skirts, and super long hair) are for the under 30 set, bringing light and radiance to your face is priority #1 when you’re 50+.

Can Meryl Streep do anything wrong? Not when it comes to acting and red carpet fashion. She stuns in a white gown, a notoriously hard to wear color, that seems to perk up her angelic face and creamy complexion. Her lips could’ve used a little more punch a’la Ms. Mirren, but her barely there makeup suits her perfectly.

Bow down 20-somethings, Demi Moore has arrived. Mrs. Kutcher chose a romantic coral shade that seems to have been made just for her skin tone. She’s also sporting the makeup trend of the night which is decidedly not smokey – natural tones for her shadow, darker (black or grey) liner, and of course long false lashes. Wearing false lashes is the best way to dress up your eyes without having to go overboard on color, a must-have for special occasions

Source; Getty, Wireimage

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