Stila One Step Makeup

I haven’t given the green light on a Stila liquid foundation in the history of HOB. I like their Illuminating Powder Foundation, but haven’t tried a liquid one of theirs since the long discontinued Complete Coverage. The buzz alone on One Step was enough to get me to try this foundation which has quickly changed my tune about Stila’s ability to give good face.

One Step is a revolutionary new foundation that gives the benefits of 4 products in one; primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. It has a really unique consistency that’s almost like a mousse with a light powdery feel and coverage that can be built from medium to full.

For a little more coverage after you’ve used it as a foundation, use a concealer brush to dab it over blemishes and red spots to get a concealer effect because of its rich density.

Does it take the place of a powder? No, it isn’t drying on the skin, but using a powder to set the makeup and keep it in place isn’t necessary. It primes the skin, covers what you need it to, and sets itself.

In true Stila form, the color has a tinge of luminosity to it, nothing harsh though, just enough to where it isn’t flat looking on the face, and having a silicone-based primer built right in helps with the appearance of fine lines,

My skin tends to be normal to slightly shiny in my t-zone and I felt the formula was well suited for me. If you struggle with overly dry skin, you might find the formula a little drying, but I can see most skin types being able to wear it.

Bottom line- One Step gives complete coverage and a pretty finish, all in one little bottle.

Stila One Step Makeup

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