Best Facial Masks

I always look forward to my 30-minute, once a week (or whenever I remember) time when I treat myself to a little mini home facial. It’s usually after a hot shower so my pores are open, and then I select something from my mask arsenal to remedy whatever my skin’s problem is at the time. Clay masks are great, especially for oily or problem skin, and they were once the standard but now there seems to be a mask for every skin type and concern, so you’re sure that your home spa experience is time well spent and your skin receives exactly what it needs.

For A Lift

Lexli’s aloe based line mostly targets those with adult acne, but their Aloe-Based Lightening Lift is a star when you’re looking for some serious lifting action. A friend of mine urged me to try it and raved about how her skin felt pushed back to point where it was visible while the treatment was on. She was right- it not only gives an instant lifted look to the skin (even when you remove it), it also lightens areas of discoloration and exfoliates like crazy. $72

For Radiance

Sometimes you can’t exactly put into words what’s wrong with your skin, but ‘blah’ might just sum it up best. Skin that’s dull and lifeless is a common complaint among women, especially after menopause when everything changes. To give your skin a radiant boost, look for a mask that has radiance-inducers like Ren’s F10 Enzymatic Smooth Radiance Facial Mask. Vitamin C, Cherry Extract, essential oils, antioxidants, and fatty acids deep clean and revitalize the skin giving it a big-time healthy glow.

REN F10 Enzymatic Smooth Radiance Facial Mask $37

For Detoxifying 

Leave it to the dynamic wrinkle-fighting line Freeze 24/7 to have a clever double-duty cleanser/ mask combo. Their Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask becomes a self-foaming pore scrubber and detoxifier when a generous amount is added to damp skin. It’s gentle enough to use daily and you only need 2 minutes to get full benefits.

Freeze 24.7 Skin Glace Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask $65

For Calming

It’s a high number like 80% of women who view their skin as sensitive, and even if that isn’t factually accurate, pollutants, irritants, stress, and even some products can leave our skin red and irritated sometimes. SkinMedica’s Calming Masque is a gentle solution for those who want their skin completely cleared of toxins without stripping any of their moisture barrier in the process.

SkinMedica Calming Masque

For Most Skin Types

When you think of a mask, PCA Skin’s Purifying Mask is what would come to mind although the formula is anything but basic. They use red clay, vitamins, essential oils, and even wine extract to dig out stubborn dirt and impurities. Get an added exfoliation treatment by working the tiny bits of pumice in the mask into your skin using damp fingers right before you remove it.

PCA Skin Purifying Mask

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