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Super cool website aside, Jouer is a top notch makeup range. They’ve taken the guesswork out of ordering color online by allowing you to virtually try it on. This picture is on each page that sells color (shadows, lipsticks, blush) so when you mouse over a certain shade, you can see how it looks on each skin tone. Brilliant right? It’s a software that will eventually be on every site where cosmetics are sold, but they’re one of the few who has it right now.

If you’re choosy about shadows, this formula will blow you away. Their powder shadows almost feel creamy because they’re so soft and pigment-rich and they don’t cause that flakey, powdery fall-out that happens under your eyes. They have 20 shades of mattes and shimmer shadows that cover every shade you’d ever need, it’s a grown up line that (thankfully) omitted the wild colors most women don’t use anyway. And it’s not only the shadows that rival big department store lines, all of their formulas are so soft and perfectly pigmented that they make application incredibly easy.

Notice the little notches on the sides of the compact? Their packaging all interlocks together so that a few loose shadows can easily be turned into a clever custom palette using as many or as few as you’d like. You can also connect together their cheek colors, concealers, powders, and even glosses so nothing gets lost in the bottom of your bag.

Here is a gloss, bronzer, and two shadows- you can leave them all separate if you’d like.

Here’s the shadow compact up close so you can see the notch used to slide everything together.

All locked together!

You can see the labeling and know what each one is for without having to memorize color names.

Everything you need, right in a row.

Bottom line; Jouer is a chic line minus the needless trends some cosmetic companies get hung up on. Their hip approach to organized beauty is refreshing and the products are high quality. You can check em for yourself out right HERE

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