Get the Best Smokey Eye With Smashbox EYELIGHTS in ‘Smokebox’

As a Makeup Artist, I understand that a smokey eye is about a technique and not necessarily about the colors used. You can create a look that’s ‘smokey’ by using deeper shades to line the eyes (upper and lower) and adding some splashy colors you don’t typically wear. It’s a pretty open interpretation and just the darkening effect alone is what’s smokey and really fun.

Although it isn’t only about the colors used, those colors can be key. From what I’ve experienced, there isn’t a palette that makes creating a classic smokey eye easier than Smokebox from Smashbox.

Their neutral colored base shade has a hint of radiance to it for a head start in dimension, and although the photo of the middle shade suggests it’s more of a fawn brown, it’s actually a brownish-gunmetal with just a hint of lavender undertone to give it some pop. It’s an amazing shade that I wish they sold solo because it’s the perfect warm-up color for a sizzling smokey eye or just used on its own. Don’t be thrown by the slight shimmer in the black, it’s just there because a flat black would be harder to work with and blend. It doesn’t look sparkly on the skin it just has some life to it, and because it’s really black you can use it as a shadow and a liner.

It’s a universal smokey-eye maker for all skin tones that you will without a doubt love.

Smashbox EYELIGHTS in Smokebox

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  1. Nice topic. I like smoky eyes. They looked very attractive.

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