DIY Foaming Brown Sugar Scrub

Although I know that buying a sugar scrub is comparable to buying bottled water (you already have it, why pay 1000x more?), I’ll still spring for the occasional store scrub now and again. It’s usually the scent that draws me in, but I’m always left wondering why I didn’t make it myself. Recently I made a big batch of foaming scrub for client gifts which reminded me how easy the process is and how just a few minutes can save some cash.

There are several variations to what you can use, but I used granulated sugar, olive oil, Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap, brown sugar, a dash of almond extract (just for the scent, you can add essential oils too), and a little honey.

I used my own precise measuring system which goes like this; dump a bunch of brown sugar into a bowl, add some white sugar, mix in several glugs of oil until it’s easier to stir, then splash in some soap. I’m not big into measuring as you tell- just more stuff to wash.

Mix it all together with a spoon until you get the consistency you want, I like it a little runny and not so firm.

I got these little plastic jars at Michael’s which are just the perfect size for little gifts.

I dropped them in little white paper bags and tied them up using ribbon with my business card and recipe attached,

Here’s what the recipe looked like.

I’m not an artsy-crafty sort of girl so if I can do something like this, you can too. This might be my new thing for gifts too since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a sugar scrub. Good luck!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried it and there was no olive oil smell. It worked better than the ones I have been paying $30 for. It's so easy too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I didn't realize it was this easy to make a sugar scrub! Why have I been buying them? Thank you!! Can I just use any oil? Does the olive oil smell like a salad?

  3. Tanveer Parmar says:

    Really Cool ya, I loved the recipe and will def try it out.. I generally make this with coconut oil, lemon juice and brown sugar – all mixed together.

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