Temptu Airbrush Makeup

When I was in LA I visited Temptu with the same enthusiasm most kids have for visiting Disney Land. The popularity of their at-home airbrush kit at Sephora along with their professional airbrush line exploded in recent months and put the line firmly on the map as a heavy-hitting contender that gives great face. I’d heard all about their silicone based airbrush makeup with a beautiful finish and just the right amount of coverage. It’s an airbrush line with a twist because you can spray it though the gun or use it the traditional way with fingers, brushes, or a sponge. I have several airbrush foundation lines in my arsenal, but this is my absolute go-to on skin that’s dry, mature, or damaged since the silicone formula rests beautifully on even the most challenging surfaces.

Whether I’m working on brides or on set, this formula stands up to lights, heat, and many hours passing by. Now this is the professional S/B (silicone based) formula I’m talking about, it’s also what I used to make the video below. You can get a flawless airbrush makeup look every day with this at-home system that’s blowing up at Sephora. It’s a smaller, more manageable compressor that’s perfectly sized for everyday use with easy to manage cartridges that you buy in your shade of foundation and blush.

Temptu is a smart, modern cosmetic company that understands the needs of artists and everyday women. If you’re a makeup artist, check out their pro line, otherwise you can try out their at-home airbrush system at Sephora stores.

Here’s a few pics I snapped from their LA store.

They have an impressive list of pro artists who use Temptu and have photos showing their work using the products.

My video using the line.


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  1. Top Hat Painter says:

    Great review of the product! As an airbrush artist (who is also in love with special FX) I've always been curious about this type of paint and it's applications. Most people only mention it's use in body painting, not its use in make-up (at least not in the forums I run), so this has been very informative. I like to keep all avenues open, so I will have to look into this.

  2. Hooked On Beauty says:

    Get the Sephora set for sure. It's a less dense version of the professional formula so it's easy to work with. I also like the little touch ups to go for foundation and blush they offer. Go in and play with one!

  3. if I wanted to use Temptu every day would I use their foundation that you used and just apply it with my fingers or get the system from Sephora?

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