Obagi Condition & Enhance System

You’ve spent the money to get your skin looking great, now you need to maintain it. Obagi has a collection that will keep discoloration, fine lines, redness and future damage away. Their complete Condition & Enhance System contains 6 products that are clinically designed to improve the effectiveness of IPL, chemical peels, and other facial treatments to give you a better result.

If you’ve not tried Obagi (or come across it anywhere) it’s probably because it’s a line sold by doctors and plastic surgeon due to its extreme effectiveness and active ingredients, you need a doctor to pair you up with the products that will benefit you most.

Condition & Enhance  offers effectiveness that’s essentially guaranteed for issues like hyperpigmentation and acne scaring because Clear and Blender each contain 4% hydroquinone, a proven skin lightener that’s been a doctor’s skin bleaching go-to for years.  Your fine lines, redness, and overall texture will be addressed with Exfoderm Forte which combines 6% glycolic acid with 4% lactic acid to soften the skin allowing the treatment to work better, and the cells to turn over so newer, brighter skin will surface.

When you’re changing your skin and bringing new skin forward, it’s important to use SPF every single day. Their Healthy Skin Protection moisturizer that’s included offers a broad spectrum protection (UVA/UVB) with a physical block (zinc) and a chemical one for maximum protection on your delicate skin.

It’s an advanced line for real skin concerns. Click HERE to find a medical professional in your area who can offer direction on which system might be best for you.

Obagi Condition & Enhance System

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