Jane Iredale Perfectly Nude Collection

You always hear that a ‘natural look’ works well on everyone, but what does ‘natural’ mean? Literally, it’s the colors that are found in nature. Browns, greens, even copper- it’s the shades you see all around us that translates into color easily worn on the skin. Now when you get into the neon pink and hot yellow category, that the line for what’s easily worn becomes a bit more blurred.

When it comes to makeup, a nude palette will always be in style, you’ll never look back at a photo of yourself and think ‘wow, what was I thinking wearing that taupe eye shadow?’ If I’m addicted to natural looking makeup, then Jane Iredale’s new Perfectly Nude collection is my drug of choice. It’s my favorite collection of hers to date because of the universally wearable color selection and introduction of all new products.

Look for her dual ended Lip Fixation Lip Stain/ Gloss to become and instant hit. It’s the first lip stain from a natural or mineral line that I know of with a complimentary shade of gloss on the other end. Of course it isn’t the super duper stay on your lips until the end of time kinda stain- those types of ingredients are a no-no in a natural line- but it’s an incredibly satisfying way to get a long-term lip color result in a safe formula.

You will use every color in their Nude Eye Shadow Kit. What’s not to love about 5 neutral, but not muted shades of nudes with a kick of copper and bronze thrown in? At first glance it might appear conservative and ho-hum, but on the skin you’ll find a look that blends and compliments all skin tones and eye colors. They bring eyes to life and are super easy to work with and blend.

Eyes? Check. Lips? Check. Beautifully bronzed and glowing skin? Absolutely. So-Bronze 3 falls right on trend by combining a blush with a bronzer in the same compact (something I’ve seen a lot lately). You can use the matte bronzer around the framing of the face and add some contrast and dust the lightly shimmered blush on the cheeks. There isn’t a hint of orange to the bronzer and the look of the two together goes perfectly.

If you’ve used the legendary mineral foundation from Jane Iredale, but not their color this is a great place to start. I’ve never met an Iredale product that I didn’t like and Perfectly Nude is no exception.

Jane Iredale Perfectly Nude

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  1. I tried the bronzing wand that you wrote about and really like it. How is this one different?

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