Spa Week April 12-18 2010

Let’s just take a minute and rejoice, Spa Week is almost upon us. Beginning April 12th, select spas in your area will offer their signature treatments for a huge discount of only $50 each.

Here’s what you do, click HERE and type in your zip code in the Spa Directory box there on the upper left corner, or click on your state if you see it listed. You don’t have to create an account, just type in your name and email address in order to view the spas in your area that are offering special Spa Week services.

Here in Colorado, some of the best spas in the state are offering up aromatherapy manicure/ pedicures, microdermabrasion, massages, facials, and even Botox for only $50 a pop. It’s a perfect time to take advantage of these services and treat yourself especially if it isn’t something you’d normally do.

As part of Spa Madness, Spa Week sent me to Orange Skye to experience their 70 Minute Swedish Massage with Reflexology and Essential Oils. Amy Gieger, the Spa’s owner gave my massage which was a perfect combination of relaxing and deep pressure since my shoulders are in a constant state of stress, a byproduct of long days spent on my computer. I was so relaxed toward the end I nearly fell asleep wondering why I didn’t give my body a chance to heal in this way more often. I felt energized and amazing.

The spa itself is in a house on South Broadway that Amy and her husband renovated into an inviting space that’s relaxing with lots of charm. She’s recruited an experienced staff who have all been in the business a long time and pride themselves of excellent service. Here are a few snaps I took around the spa.

They also have an Infrared Sauna which I first heard about on Oprah (you can see Dr. Oz talking about its life-extending and calorie burning benefits HERE. For $20, you can burn up to 900 calories in a 30-minute session. You can go in and use only the Sauna, or add it onto any Spa Week service.

You can support your local businesses and give your spirit a little boost at the same time. Plan a girls day, surprise your husband with a massage, or give a treatment as a gift.  I hope you’ll all take advantage of Spa Week 2010.

Spa Week

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  1. Only $20 for 30 minutes session of sauna isn't bad at all! I need to try this myself! It seems very relaxing as well. We're currently featuring a 50% deal- mani/pedi and reflexology massage for $35 at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility! Check it out at!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have to try out this sauna thing. It's only $20?

  3. Soins du Visage says:

    I wish i could also be a part of it and avail this offer. But i don't belong to your nation. Anyways, it was great to know about this Spa Week.

  4. I remember Oprah was cooking in that thing. I read that it helps cancer too. I might have to go and try it.

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