If I told you that Zeno’s HOT SPOT can reduce blemishes in hours, would you believe me? Believe it because it worked that quickly on me. It was literally within hours that I saw a reduction in inflation and a complete disappearance of my pesky little visitor in less than a day.

HOT SPOT works by using heat to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts in a way that’s safe and natural. Instead of assaulting your skin with harsh chemicals, whenever you feel a breakout coming on just a 2 minute Zeno zap of heat may be all you need to chase the blemish away while maintaining the integrity of the skin around it.

It’s pretty amazing how well it works and it’s great that Zeno has come down so much in price. They’re still selling an expensive version which only gives 60 treatments, but the HOT SPOT lasts for 80 uses and sells for only $40 at drugstores nationwide.

Blemish be gone.


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