Tarte Review; Smooth Operator, The Eraser, and Eye Couture Palette

In order to visit Sephora, I have to be alone and carve out a few hours so I can get what I need like my signature fragrance (which shall remain nameless), re-stock on the basics (Laura Mercier Illuminating in this case), and check out lines I’ve somehow overlooked, like Tarte. I’ve heard great things about the eco-chic line that blends ‘green’ ingredients into cosmetics that cater not to makeup artists, but to everyday women according to their founder, Kelly Maureen.

After playing for nearly 2 hours in front of their display, I really got a good feel for Tarte. You’d never know it was a natural line unless you read what is (antioxidants, fruit extracts etc.) and isn’t (parabens, petroleum, synthetic dyes and fragrances) included in their formulas. It’s packaged and presented beautifully in violet hues, and what I found was that Tarte has the fun-loving spirit of Stila with the dead-serious approach to quality straight-forward makeup of Laura Mercier.

I liked the line and its densely pigmented formulas so well, that I was compelled to buy a few things for myself that I typically wouldn’t, like foundation for example. I’ve only bought a few foundations over the past several years but I found it hard to resist  Smooth Operator, a Tinted moisturizer that has the weight of Mercier’s Tinted Foundation with the coverage of their beloved Silk Creme (I often mix the two together to get this perfect combo effect). Toss out your misconception of tinted moisturizers being only for girls with perfect skin who didn’t need a lot of coverage. Smooth Operator gives the (oil-free) coverage you want with a natural, just shy of luminous finish.

Thick texture and pretty finish that’s in between matte and dewy.

Lately, I feel like dark circles have been creeping up on me. I like a lot of brightness around my eyes and shy away from dark makeup. The Eraser 4-in-1 Natural Concealer has enough weight behind it to conceal darkness and add a brightening boost to the eyes that typically takes 2 different products to achieve.  It’s been keeping my circles away all day without settling into fine lines or creasing and you can use it as a shadow and lipstick base. It’s a yellow-based formula (so it’s meant to cover redness, not circles) but it worked so well around my eyes so well that it didn’t matter what it was for because it worked.

Twist up applicator.

I even bought an eye shadow palette for myself. Crazy right? I have so many shadows already, but the packaging reminded me of something…

I’d know that quilted purple metallic finish anywhere, it’s practically identical to my Chanel 2.55 bag. It looks like a matching wallet so I had to peek inside.

Well hello there delightful array of shadows. It’s the shades that make my heart melt; light and shimmery for everyday, rusty brows, and a few surprises to create drama. They’re the velvety kind of shadows (similar to Stila’s) that blend well and look great on all skin tones and textures (even mature skin). They have an all-day wear time and they don’t crease or lose intensity. Simply put, I love them.

A closer look at the colors in the Eye Couture palette. I dug into that champagne one right away, it’s like Stila Kitten but less shimmery.

In the palette, you’ll also get a double-ended shadow brush and a double-ended eye liner that has a brown on one side, and graphite on the other.

I came thisclose to getting their Lock & Roll eye shadows which have a creme based shadow on one side and a matching powder shadow on the other that’s applied using a roller ball so your shadow wears an extra long time using a layered technique.

Just when I thought I’d tried it all… I’ve somehow overlooked Tarte, but I’m glad I checked it out. Next time I’ll grab a Cheek Stain (their signature product) and maybe their celluFIGHT, a gradual self-tanner that also helps to firm and tone the skin.

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