Estée Lauder Hydrationist Creme

When your skin is dry and tight, it’s uncomfortable and drives you crazy. Your makeup sits on top of the dull, dry, flaky skin and never has a luminous glow about it. I remember a story a woman told me years ago about her Crisco home facials where she’d layer the shortening an inch thick on her face just to relieve the tightness. It’s a pretty extreme example, but women who have dry skin usually reach for the heaviest creme they can find to get some relief.

Estée Lauder’s new Hydrationist line of cremes and lotions is made for ultra dry skin using their exclusive Bio-Mimetic Water which is engineered to be better absorbed into the skin so you can feel its hydrating effects immediately. Hydrationist is a rich, whipped cream that encourages your skin’s moisture barrier to hold hydration better over time which lessens your skin’s dryness. Since its texture isn’t over-the-top heavy, it sits well under makeup and gives the skin an instant glow.

Hydrated skin is youthful skin, so before you try to disguise dehydration, reverse it instead with a creme that solves the problem.

Also available in an SPF 15, Lotion, and Eye Creme

 Estée Lauder Hydrationist Creme

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