How Dirty is Your Makeup?

Check out this video from Good Morning America about nasty bacteria lurking in your makeup bag. There’s even a Makeup Artist on there who uses makeup that’s 15 years old! I remember back in the day when I worked at cosmetics counters, pink eye was pretty much par for the course among us girls, and there was even a particularly nasty outbreak of Impetigo which caused most counters to dispose of their tester units.

Remember to wash your brushes often with baby shampoo or hand soap, and sanitize your makeup using Beauty So Clean, the only sanitizer I know of that can be sprayed directly onto both wet (even mascara) and dry cosmetics (like shadows) to get rid of bacteria that can cause nasty infections.

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  1. Lorraine Emerick says:

    I use the Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit to date my cosmetics. I found out that common permanent markers smudge off because of the oils in creams and makeup -the kit's self laminating labels solve this problem. Kit comes with self laminating labels in a pretty pink pouch, ultra fine point mini permanent marker and a cosmetic life expectancy guide in a nice keepsake box. Check it out. MAY SPECIAL $6.95 + Free S&H with Promo Code: user – beauty; pass – clean310

  2. GROSS!

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