Twin Studies; How Your Lifestyle Affects the Way You Look

Wearing sunscreen, not smoking, and maintaining a low level of stress are things we hear about all the time to live a long, healthy life. Recent studies involving identical twins suggest that an unhealthy lifestyle might hurt a lot more than your lifespan, it can actually hurt the way you look.

Below you’ll see a set of twins who are 52, but the one on the left has smoked for 14 years and spends a lot more time in the sun than her younger-looking twin on the right. While sunning and smoking are 2 huge skin agers, stress and weight are up there too. Carrying a few extra pounds actually helps you to look younger over age 40 by smoothing out the face making wrinkles look less obvious.

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Overseas, there are huge warning slogans on the sides of cigarette cartons like ‘Smoking Causes impotence.’ Since there isn’t a photo appropriate enough to accompany that statement, maybe they can put this picture on the cartons along with the warning; ‘Smoking Causes You to Look Old.’ Appeal to our vanity and you have our attention.

You can see the 5 other sets of twins involved in the study HERE.

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  1. Design Apprentice says:

    Wow I am positively shocked by this, particularly the twins in picture 5 of 6! This makes me want to opt for a spray tan in lieu of the real sun.

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