Cassel Superstar. Makeup Before and After.

Just because I love my friends, I’m totally their on-call Makeup Artist. If they have an event (or in this case a reality show…) I’m there with brush in hand.

Today, I got to spend some time with my good friend Cassel. She was nice enough to offer up a before photo so you can really see what I did in the after.

See Cassel, you look great without makeup.

All done! 

For the most part, I’ve included all the makeup I used on her in the slideshow below. I used a few things that I really like from the brand new Hybrid line by Murad that combines skin care sensibility with cosmetics that are made to solve problems.

Not pictured is the Aqua Black Waterproof Shadow from MAKE UP FOR EVER that I used to line the hell out of her eyes to give her a sexy look that made her eyes pop. Also not shown is what I used for her foundation since it was Graftobian Glamaire makeup designed for airbrush use only so she could have coverage without weight since it was a million degrees in Denver today – I didn’t want her melting.

Wow, we look really serious. I promise we weren’t.

Thanks for allowing a camera in your naked face, Cassel! It’s the price you pay for your own personal on-call Makeup Artist who also just happens to be a Beauty Editor.

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