Permanent Makeup; As Awful As It Sounds

Is there a hidden camera on me? Because I’ve been scrubbing away at your eyes for a good 5 minutes and this eyeliner isn’t budging! Oh, it’s tattooed on you say? That info would’ve been fantastic about 6 minutes ago before I nearly rubbed the skin off of your eyes. I felt like a kid trying to blow out trick candles on their birthday cake, wiping and wiping with nothing coming off. Tattooed makeup 1, me 0.

Tattooed brows, lip, and eye liner was all the rage years ago when women discovered an easy way to have makeup perfectly placed at all times. Problem is though, it’s rarely (if ever) that perfect.

Here’s an ‘after’ pic from a company’s website that does the procedures. They’re calling it a success, but I’d say it’s not good, or even, or modern for that matter. Your face is at the mercy of someone who is one extra cup of coffee away from giving you a jagged line around your eyes that resembles the Dow Jones report. Who wants eyeliner in the presence of wearing no makeup anyway? It looks weird by itself which forces you to apply it more often just to balance things out.

Eyeliner trends come and go, do you really want to commit yourself to having a plum colored liner all the way around your eyes for the rest of your life? Yes black is timeless, but it eventually fades and looks like a blueish prison tattoo.

I’ve met dozens of women who have had permanent makeup done and most of them  say they wouldn’t do it again. Today’s makeup is waterproof, smudge-proof, and flake-resistant so it’s meant to wear all throughout the day. I can’t come up with one solid reason as to why makeup should be permanent, and neither should you.

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  1. I can tell every single time someone is wearing tattoo makeup. It's soooo tacky. I hate it!

  2. I work in a medical spa where we have a techinician who does permanent cosmetics. Now it may not be for everyone but I would say 90% or more of women who get it done are very satisified. I find that most women who do choose to get it done, mimic the way they have been wearing their makeup for years. Most are more mature women, as well as the most popular seems to be eyeliner followed by brows.
    Permanent makeup can also offer a natural appearance of the areolas when a patient has had a breast removed. So it does have it's place.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but there is always a positive side to it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree. although paramedical cosmetic pigmentation is good for scars so i guess i'm not completely opposed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i agree. although paramedical cosmetic pigmentation is good for scars so i guess i'm not completely opposed.

  5. Oh wow, agreed, I would never want to tattoo makeup on myself. I mean, ok, putting on makeup every day is a pain (and I go many days without wearing eye makeup just to avoid the annoyance), but still, no makeup is better than a botched makeup job that you're stuck with for life!!


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