Tweezerman Paw Print Tweezers

If you’re due for a new set of tweezers, its’ a good time to switch to Tweezerman (if you aren’t a devout customer already) so you can pluck away unruly brows and help animals in need at the same time. Tweezerman will donate $1 for each limited edition Paw Print tweezer and 50 cents from each file set sold to the Humane Society.

What I love about the Tweezerman tweezers I own is how you can mail them to the company anytime and they’ll sharpen them for free. It’s basically a lifetime warranty since dull tweezers are what send you out to buy more.

It’s the 2 1/2 inch mini size, perfect for precision.
Small sized files too, great to stash in the car or your purse.

You can find them HERE at Sephora, or on their site at while supplies last.

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  1. I love the design! It's too cute! pawprints! *awww* :)

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