Makeup Before and After; Perfectly Balanced Makeup

You know that phrase, ‘you could sell ice to an Eskimo?’ That might apply to my silky smooth personality because this cute bridesmaid from last week didn’t hesitate posing for a pic in all of her roller glory. I think it’s because she’s adorable, even with the rollers…

My trusty point and shoot camera captured a few girls whose makeup I did for a wedding last weekend. I think they illustrate perfectly what makeup can (and should) do, if I do say so myself. The word here is enhance.

Slathering on makeup until you’re barely recognizable isn’t my bag. I’ve been a Makeup Artist for a long time and yes there are some really fun tricks I can do with color, but what really lights my fire is makeup that’s feminine, romantic, and timeless.

Look Breakdown:

Face: Dinair airbrush makeup

Cheeks: Dinair airbrush makeup

Eyes: Dinair eye color in Lt Smoke with some Smashbox shadow and Jet Set liner all the way around her eyes. Using this much liner could make some eyes appear smaller, but since she has eyes that are huge and perfect, they supported the amount of color used.

Concealer: Graftobian around the eyes. I’m from the Bobbi Brown old school where I like under the eye area to be slightly lighter than the face itself to give a youthful pop.

Brows: Filled in with a BECCA Cosmetics powder.

Lips: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Color in a pinky shade just slightly darker than her natural lip color.

Lashes: Ardell #120, they’re the big guns that I bust out for some extra drama when I’m working with big eyes with a medium to full natural lash.

No airbrush makeup? No sweat. Check out Graftobian creme foundation that offers as close to an airbrush look as you can get that’s meant for photography and sells for $9.

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  1. Jessica Allison says:

    so natural, but very pretty. I myself am using the Graftobian HD foundation and like it quite a bit- though I have to caution that it can be inconsistent- of the two shades I own, one has a semi-matte finish, one is almost dewy. They are supposed to be the same formula, so I can't really explain this. For the price, though, it's a great option!

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