Osmotics, Seriously Advanced Skincare; Q&A With Their Founder Francine Porter

My first ‘wow’ moment using skin care came years ago when I first tried Osmotics. A colleague at Nordstrom who worked for the line had given me a sample of their Blue Copper cream (a best seller to this day) because my skin was starting to see the early consequences of the tanning, poor eating, and even cigarette smoking I did back in the day. Within weeks, I could see that the overall clarity of my skin had changed. It looked brighter, broke out less, and the fine lines banished. In the 10 years since I’ve tired Osmotics, so much has changed in technology (and in my skin..)

I reached out to the Denver-based company because I wanted to give the line another look and see if their founder, Francine Porter would answer a few questions about Renovage, a serum that reduced the lines around my eyes so quickly and completely that I don’t think I’ll need to Botox there anymore.

It’s not too often that your request for time with the company’s owner is granted, so I was thrilled with the thoughtful answers she gave me to the questions I had about Renovage, skin care technology, and what (if anything) can fight wrinkling the way Botox can.

Q- Women usually want to get into a fluffy, fun business like beauty, but Osmotics is more science than beauty and fluff. How did you become involved in producing such an advanced line of skin care?

A- I have always suffered from extremely sensitive skin and really couldn’t find products that I could tolerate much less see a positive difference in my skin. When we were brainstorming Osmotics, cosmeceuticals were in their infancy. We wanted to introduce a new level of scientific credibility to skin care and felt that cosmeceuticals provided that higher level of efficacy and would become the future of skin health We knew the baby boomers would challenge the orthodoxy when dealing with aging skin and we certainly didn’t want to be just another ineffectual cosmetic brand. We developed protocols in our company that had similarities to pharmaceutical development and made a commitment to only develop products based on scientifically proven technologies... and that is why our products are so effective.

Q- It seems like each product you introduce has bigger and better technology, is there a time when older products become obsolete or do they become classics?

A- Some technologies absolutely become obsolete and need to be replaced with more effective alternatives, for example sunscreens. We were one of the first to incorporate Parsol 1789 (addresses the UVA spectrum) into our sun care products. New information is constantly evolving and leading us to a better understanding of the skin and how it works and we utilize this to constantly improve our products so they perform better. However, having said that, I think there will always those few products that on some level make an emotional connection to women and become so universally popular (and loved!) that they become classics.

Q- What does Renovage Cellular Longevity Serum offer women that other products in the marketplace can’t?

A- Renovage is based on teprenone, which comes from the study of cellular DNA. I was so excited about this technology because it really does address aging skin at the cellular level and we saw incredible results on the panelists that it was tested on. I believe we are the only cosmeceutical company utilizing this amazing technology that not only helps repair damaged skin but also helps slow down and prevent signs of aging. I also included a cornucopia of additional ingredients that repair collagen, reinforce the dermis and address free radicals . No other product on the market contains such a complete combination of proven anti-aging ingredients.

Q- Who is Renovage for exactly? A woman with sun spots and wrinkles? Is it for more advanced damage or the woman with some concerns about her skin that are just starting to show?

A- Renovage works perfectly for BOTH. It works beautifully on mature skin but has such tremendous benefits that prevent signs of aging by delaying the senescence of the cells (increasing the lifespan of the cells). So everyone can benefit from this technology regardless of age.

Q- Do you believe anything can turn around wrinkles the way Botox can?

A- Our Crease-Less Non Surgical Alternative is a topical product that helps to slow down the muscle contractions that cause expression wrinkles. It works on the same principle as Botox but works a bit more slowly and is a more conservative approach for those that aren’t quite ready for Botox and needles. It’s also excellent for preventing these kinds of wrinkles [that are caused from facial expression]. In addition, it’s perfect to use with Botox (apply daily to targeted areas) to enhance its effects and extend the time between Botox injections!

Thank you to Francine and the Osmotics team who were so fantastic.

To read Francine’s blog click HERE.

To learn more about Osmotics, click HERE.

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