What is Shellac??

Shellac. It’s the hot new nail treatment everyone has been buzzing about. It has single handedly sent women back into salons and spas to get their nails and toes polished in shiny shades that will stay perfect for 2 weeks.

At first glance, the polishes look like any other, here’s what the display looks like with the available Shellac colors.

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A little bit closer, the polishes and the bottles colors are pretty much identical.

Shellac is a polish hybrid that’s applied like a polish but stays on like a gel does. A CND nail professional will apply the polish to your nails and set it under a UV lamp for a few minutes. Once your hand is removed from the lamp, there is zero dry time. Your polish is set for the full two weeks without the risk of dulling, smudging, or chipping.

So it totally ruins your nails to remove it right? No way. After the two weeks, your nail professional will put little pads soaked with a solution over each nail for 10 minutes and  just wipe the color away. No drilling or filing needed so your nails stay strong and pristine. 

Here’s the manicure day one with the color in Strawberry Smoothie.

Here’s another shot of the color exactly one week later.

And after 2 weeks. You can see the color grow out a little at the cuticle but the color is still super shiny and there isn’t any chipping.

It’s sandal season, so who doesn’t want a perfect mirror-finish pedicure on your toes for two weeks? Shellac is pretty amazing, give it a try and let me know what you think. 

In Denver, I see Stacy Highland, but you can locate a salon near you that offers Shellac HERE.


  1. This is very interesting! I was on Ree’s blog reading this [ http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeandgarden/2011/02/shellac-manicure-update-14-days/ ] post, and I was wondering… what is shellac?!

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