California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder to Set Deodorant

Yeah, I’m one of those. I try to use natural or organic products when possible which includes maybe the hardest part of the hunt; deodorant. I’ve pitted out through plenty of shirts in the name of blog research to find a good combination of what works, but right when I find something I’m loving – poof – it stops working and I’m a mess again.

For the time being, I’ve found a deodorant that I like. Well, let me back up, I’ve found a natural deodorant that’s working but it smells like patchouli. I’m not going to say I’d rather die than smell of patchouli, but I’d for sure rather be hung upside down by my toenails. To be P.C. about it, I would say that it’s not for me. In order to combat that scent (which only gets worse when you sweat!) I put some California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder over top to help absorb wetness and mask the hippie smell. I’ve tried to avoid talc ever since this report came out years ago about the correlation between talc and ovarian cancer, and also since friends have told me that their oncologists suggest staying away from it (especially if you’re putting it anywhere near your lady business, or as it reads on the can ‘diaper area.’)

So for now, that’s my routine. Even if I change up deodorants I think I’ll keep setting it with the powder especially in the summer since I can use the extra help I can get.

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