Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion; A Fantastic Natural Self-Tanner

A gradual self tanning lotion from a natural line doesn’t seem like a home run, but I can honestly say that Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion works better than Jergen’s popular version.  I’ve been using the one for medium toned skin (even though I’m as fair as it gets) every day for about 4 days then take a day or two off to keep it looking natural and not too dark. It’s also good to let it fade down a touch and start from scratch on freshly exfoliated skin.

It looks totally natural in a way that’s uncommon for even the best self-tanning lotions. I literally have no seams, none. You can’t tell where the color begins and ends, not on my wrists or anywhere around my feet. You don’t even need to be that careful about applying it either, just rub it on like regular lotion and it somehow finds a way to connect to itself so it’s one even layer.

Totally natural, totally safe, and totally worth the $13 price tag. This big bottle will last me until next spring.

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