The Amazing Rose Hip Oil by Kosmea

‘Like a multi-vitamin for the skin’ is how Kosmea describes their Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, a statement that’s pretty right on actually. Rose Hip Oil is hugely beneficial for the skin because it’s loaded with Vitamins C and A, and Omega 3′s. Their serum is packed with 80% essential fatty acids (not just found in fish you know..) which eases dryness and fights environmental stress because it’s a fantastic antioxidant.

My skin was dragging due to lack of sleep over the weekend, but a few drops of the non-greasy oil perked my completion up this morning and gave me a needed glow.



  1. Lindsay says:

    Just curious is this is something you can buy in the US? I checked out their site and it looks like it's an Australian company. Thanks!

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