Summertime Scents

Even if you aren’t changing your entire beauty routine for the summer, most women do change up the fragrance they wear for the hotter months. Musky, heavy scents take a back seat to lighter, sheer florals. Opting for a body spray or a scented lotion are good light options too, but if you like the staying power of a perfume, I have a couple that are summertime approved.

Esteé Lauder Pleasures Bloom

I am a fan of the classic (it was the first ‘grown up’ fragrance I bought that didn’t have a body spray version available in a can), but I like this one a little bit better. Pleasures Bloom smells like a sparkling, delicate, sweeter version of the original that you can spray for days and not over-do.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

More than once I’ve complimented someone on their uniquely sweet, but not powerful scent which turns out to be Lime Basil & Mandrin from Jo Malone. I know it sounds more like a salad dressing recipe than something you’d spray on your body, but the combination works . It’s light, zesty, and fresh – perfect for hot summer days when smelling fresh trumps smelling perfume-y.

Stella McCartney Stella

Although I do like to switch it up, I’ve been wearing Stella for years now. It’s a blend of soft rose and amber that’s intoxicating. I always get compliments on it – I think it’s because it works with my body chemistry, I can’t even smell it once it’s on anymore.

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