MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Travel Kit

If you love MAKE UP FOR EVER, it’s probably because of their color selection. Their eye-catching display of brightly colored makeup is hard to miss at Sephora, and it’s always really well-reviewed. I think a lot of the magic of the line lies with their HD basics though, namely their High Definition Primer, Elixir, and Powder because of their light-yet-powerful approach to getting the skin looking good.

If you haven’t tried this skin and makeup perfecting trio, here’s your chance. Their HD Complexion Travel Kit is a steal at $30 and includes good sized portions for you to try. I really like their light-as-air Elixir serum because it increases skin hydration by 520% after 15 minutes and locks moisture in so makeup looks fresh and doesn’t drag onto the skin.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought this kit for a movie set because I wanted to try it out before I bought it. I love it!!!!! All of the faces looked fresh and even and matte for hours. And it lasts for hours.


  2. Donna ♥ Baby says:

    i dont know.. i give up on makeup forever. i bought a lipstick for 20 bucks and it was horrible!! it made my lips look cracked. my wet&wild $1 lipstick was waay better. my friend also bought the hd powder and she said her elf worked just as good.. maybe its the cosmetics? i guess id have to try their skin collection. if that dosnet work i give up on mufe!

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