Brow Grooming in Seconds; Ardell Trim and Shape Grooming Tool

I worked with a girl on a shoot recently who had some pretty unruly brows. They were so crazy that our introduction went something like this:

Me: Hi, I’m Carissa. Holy brows.

Her: Yeah, I know. I didn’t pluck them today.

Me:  Today? Those brows haven’t seen a tweezer since 2009.

Harsh, yes, but true and she forgave me. It’s all about the delivery I think.

Lucky for her I always carry my trusty Ardell Trim and Shape Grooming Tool, a brilliantly designed straight edge razor that delivers a precise mini-shave to small areas of hair like brows or your lip when tweezing would take too long. It isn’t too sharp either (in fact I thought it was dull at first) so it doesn’t give you razor burn by shaving too roughly.

They come in a pack of 3.

I told you she forgave me, she let me take this pic. Check out her right brow which I cleaned up in seconds versus the left side.

I like having these around not to replace tweezing, but for a quick fix when you’re heading out the door and you see a mysterious hair patch has sprouted up overnight.


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