Totally In Love With Cutler Specialist Cleansing + Conditioner

**UPDATE** I LOVED how it made my hair look and feel, but after several weeks of uses my hair has started falling out in clumps. It’s all over the house. This has never happened before with anything I’ve tried and it’s the only new thing I’ve been using. I’ve read comments by customers on the HSN site and also from those who’ve tried Wen (a similar product) who have complained of the same thing so who knows if it’s just the nature of how it’s designed. I’ve ditched using it for now and am back on the hunt for something that can make my hair look good and stay on my head…

You know I’m not a fan of making definitive statements mostly because I never know when my new favorite whatever is just around the corner because then my old favorite whatever becomes obsolete. I try so many things – some I like, a couple I love, and then there are those special few that leave a lasting impression and turn me into a loyal customer. Cutler’s Cleansing + Conditioner is one such product.

Remember when I met Rodney Cutler at the 2010 Grammy Awards gifting suite back in February? He told me then that they were launching a shampoo and conditioner all-in-one (similar to Wen) for HSN and I’ve been looking forward to trying it ever since. I got it, I tried it, I’m in love. I’m literally so giddy about it that that my mind is all a flutter, so I’ll try to break down why exactly I love it as coherently as I can.

It gets your hair super clean

Don’t let the non-foaming thing scare you away, that’s the main reason my hair and scalp are so super clean. When I’m lathering up my locks using traditional shampoo, it’s hard to get my fingers through the dense foam to really scrub my scalp clean, but this formula lightly coats the strands and basically relaxes wet hair so it becomes soft enough to allow your fingers through to give your scalp the royal treatment.

It conditions without being heavy

If I over-condition I’m a grease ball but if I under-condition I end up yanking my hair out just trying to comb through it when it’s wet. Striking the perfect moisture balance isn’t easy, I can never predict how it will come out after the water is shut off. Cleansing + Conditioner knocked my socks off with its ability to bring my hair to a perfect moisture level that didn’t involve coating the ends in a heavy conditioner that can weigh hair down, which is why…

It makes your hair shiny and bouncy

My hair is so shiny it looks like it was freshly colored (even though I’m long overdue) which isn’t easy for blonde hair. I didn’t add the usual shine serum after styling, I didn’t need to add anything in fact. My hair felt lighter somehow and it fell easily into place and held that look for days until my next wash.

Did I mention it smells amazing? Really clean and fresh but not perfumed or sweet.

I’m using this one with Olive Oil for dry damaged hair, but there’s also this one for fine, lifeless hair. Both formulas are made without parabens and sulfates so they’re extra gentle and great for color treated hair.

It really is a fantastic and unique product – it prompted me to ditch the 5 shampoos and 2 conditioners that I had on a regular rotation in my shower. I really, really love it and think that it’s worth your money. Not something I say often but something I truly mean in this case.

Are you as in love with Cutler Specialist Cleansing + Conditioner as me? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Wow Nice post. Hope if i use this conditioner then it give me good result. Thanks.

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