What is Vattooing??

Bryce Gruber of TheLuxurySpot.com and Vajazzling fame has uncovered the latest trend in vaginal adornment because placing crystals in fun patterns and shapes on your freshly waxed love tunnel a’la Vajazzling is so last season. Introducing Vattooing, an airbrushed application replaces the crystals and gives a less prickly 7-day ‘look’ to dress up your otherwise colorless and boring pleasure garden.

You have to watch the vid and see an application, if only to check out the girl at the spa talking about ‘avoiding friction’ to help the tattoo stay on longer. Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go! In a fun twist, the girl on the vid gets a spider and a cob web. Nothing says ‘hotbed of sexual activity’ like having a dusty ol’ cobweb down there. She admits to  not entertaining company south of the border in a long time so it is indeed symbolic. The whole this is priceless.

Kudos to Bryce and the girls for another great vid.


  1. Holy Wow! That girl with the webs has a rockin body.

  2. haha that was priceless! it's so creepy because it reminds me of face painting designs you would see at the fair.

  3. Julene Horowitz says:

    These are hideous and tacky.

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