genie-s – You Should Have This

There are few things I love more than a really good idea. I wish I’d thought up a genie-s, a really cool refillable atomizer that will allow you to carry around (and easily travel with) your favorite fragrance. It works like this…

Start with your perfume and pop off the sprayer to reveal the white plastic tip.

Here’s it is!
It has an opening on the bottom just for filling, nothing leaks out. 
I thought it would make a total mess, but with just a few pumps the perfume wooshed inside without any leakage. Oh, that’s eyeliner on my thumb not dirt, my hands typically look like I was just changing oil.

Damn thing, yes gravity still applies at my house – the picture wouldn’t rotate so the liquid looks  like it’s all on the side. Anyhoo, it took just a few seconds to fill. Super cool.

I love solutions that are inexpensive ($12) and make life so much easier. I filled it up and threw it in my travel bag so it’s always on hand when I’m packing without even thinking about it. It’s just one of those things that every woman should have.

You’ll find it HERE


  1. Very helpful post. Thanks for your all information about genie-s.

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