Bath Nation; Fantastically Unique Stuff for Bath and Shower

Bath and shower lines usually bore me to tears, it’s an endless stream of shower gels and scrubs that seem to only differ by scent. It’s hard to stand out in a cluttered landscape  but that’s just what Bath Nation has done. It’s a line produced here in Golden, Colorado whose goodies grace the shelves of select spas and boutiques. Although they’re still growing, Bath Nation has a lot of heart and a complete dedication to offering some creativity to an otherwise mundane category. Here’s what I especially loved.

Pumice Stone Foot Scrub, Botanical Shaving Cream, Cabernet Salt Rub, and Cocoa-Mint Foot Butter are their stand-outs. 

A look at their thick Shaving Cream which easily ranks among my top favs of all time. I wasn’t crazy about the citrus scent which seemed too manufactured, but the silky feel of the cream melted into my skin assisting a close, nick-free shave as well as a lasting post-shower softness. 

What makes this salt rub so special? Well it has a lot to do with the fact that it had a  Cabernet scent – a hint of soft sweetness that’s unique but doesn’t overpower the experience. 
Salt granules are medium sized to polish skin without scrubbing too harshly. 

There’s nothing like a minty one-two combo for tired feet, start with their Pumice Stone Foot Scrub which has tiny bits of pumice to buff feet back into a softer state before using the Foot Butter.

I have a weird thing about my feel being dry. I can’t get into bed if they aren’t adequately softened so I’ve been using their creamy Cocoa-Mint Foot Butter for its grease-less approach to complete hydration.

Also totally noteworthy are their Lip Conditioners which seem to sink right in and soften lips instead of just sitting on top of the skin.

I really appreciated this well thought out line that promises not to waste your time with ho-hum basics.

Check out the rest of what Bath Nation has to offer HERE


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