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Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, Cover Girl foundations, Rave hairspray, I’ve been using drugstore cosmetics since I was a kid. I’ll never be the girl who uses only exclusive lines, the brand doesn’t mean anything to me as long as the product passes the test. Even though they’ve been around forever, Wet N Wild is proving lately that good cosmetics don’t have to come at a high price. While not everything in the line can be stellar, there are a few that I really like and are well worth the price.

Who doesn’t love a pink gloss? MegaSlicks gloss in 564A Cherish is the color I like because its luminescence glows like a frost but catches the sun like a shimmer, and the thick formula clings to lips without bleeding out. 

Its shimmery particles blend into the color so they don’t stand out on the lips. You won’t see sparkles, just a dynamic looking $2 gloss.

Mega Glo Face Illuminator ($4) is even a hit over at with its reviewers. This is one of the most versatile radiance builders I’ve used because you can easily build its intensity from slight to more pronounced and it’s easy to blend. 

Here’s a medium amount of it (in 341 Blushing/ Rougissante) to show how it reflects light. I like the pinky shade used over blush or on top of cheekbones.

I was more than a little surprised to like their Mega Liners as well as I do. They last a really long time and have a fantastically fine brush so even a total eye liner novice can easily glide the color on.

Get a colored liner into your routine, they have some fun wearable shades like 864 Plum which I’m wearing right now with a nude shimmer shadow. Check out the waterproof version ($4) which uses a stiff-tipped applicator to easily apply a formula that doesn’t move or fade.

Color Icon Bronzer is so super rich that it doesn’t hold back. really the only thing wrong with this $4 compact is the stiff little brush that’s included. Ditch it for a big fluffy one so you can place the color where it needs to be and buff it until it’s the right shade for your skin.

‘Cheap’ is not a bad word. Explore the world of budget beauty.


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