Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay – World’s Most Powerful Facial…

It’s not that I was in the market for another clay mask, but it wasn’t possible for me to walk past a giant tub with a label attached claiming to be the “world’s most powerful facial,” and also read that you’d be able to “feel your face pulsate!”

And it was only $8.

Inside of this 1 pound tub is the real deal – 100% natural Calcium Bentonite, a green clay that’s been used to clean and detoxify the skin for thousands of years. The amount included will allow me to mix mud masks for probably the next 10 years, 5 if I’m using it for body wraps like they also suggest doing.

I found it at Vitamin Cottage, I’ve probably walked right past it 100 times.

You’ve seen this right? 
A glimpse of the powder, it’s completely unscented too which I really like.

I didn’t mind making the paste, it was easy to scoop a small amount into a bowl and add some cider vinegar (their recommendation and great for tightening pores) which activated and awakened the clay making it temporarily bubble.

I opted for a thicker paste, the usual consistency for a clay mask like this.

And then it happened. Sure enough my face was pulsating. Every little heartbeat pulled my skin tighter and tighter until it was dry and ready to be removed. When I walked back into the bathroom, I wanted to laugh at how crazy my face looked but I couldn’t move it.

See how it’s pulling the skin under my eye down?

I swear if it were clear I’d wear it under makeup daily, like a face lift you brush on.

So since it’s just us girls, and my vanity left me years ago,  it’s totally worth showing how crazy my whole face looked.

Doing my best ‘droopy’ face. 

Ok, here’s the thing – the overall softness and glow my skin had after I took it off was pretty remarkable. It cleans out pores better than a ton masks out there for a lot less money and no impure chemicals. According to their (really bad) website, the clay contains ‘almost every mineral found on Earth’ and the negatively charged clay pulls out the positively charged toxins and pollutiants in the skin. I’ll go ahead and skip the 25 minutes of Googling to see if that’s true and just believe them.

Don’t let my sad, droopy face fool you, I loved this mask. You can find it on Amazon (where you can also read some great reviews), or at a Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, and other health food stores.


  1. Do you need to use ace bandages with this when you do the body wrap or because it tightens the skin so much using the vinegar do you just rub it on and let it dry?

  2. is that a metal spoon? just making sure that you know that you are not suppose to use a metal spoon or any metal utensils with the clay because it will react with the metal. use nonmetal utensils. sorry if i’m wrong though. i did tried it today but got too scared to keep it on because it was getting to dry haha. but it works great

  3. I’m telling you, buy some!!!! Body wrap is simple to make at home.

  4. She’s not lying, I bought some, and have now ordered another 2pounds because it’s amazing! You have to try it. I’m in love already. I won’t atop using. I made a body wrap, and lost 2 inches in my waist in 60 mins.

  5. This is the first time that I got to see this product, I have heard this from my friends.

  6. Very helpful post. Really i like it. I want to buy the product. Hope if i will use this face pack, it's give me good result.

  7. lol the website's diagram is funny. I'll have to pick up a jar of this. I'm obsessed with masks. Thanks for being brave and showing us your pics. He he. ;o)

  8. Hell Notes for Beauty™ says:

    This had been on my radar for a while now… I really want to get this it's also great for the hair… Nice review!

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