Priori Perfecting Minerals; A Truly Smart Mineral Makeup

We use antioxidants to protect our skin from aging, sunscreen to keep cancer away, and makeup to, well, not scare people. Priori magically worked everything we already use daily to make one of the prettiest mineral foundations I’ve ever tried with some great skin benefits.

Besides the airbrush quality finish and coverage of the makeup, I’m obsessed with CoffeeBerry, the most potent of the natural antioxidants (3x more powerful than green tea), it protects skin from environmental damage in a safe and complete way. You’ll also love the Zinc Oxide based SPF 25 which helped earn the makeup a coveted Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation.

It’s a skin care best-of meets quick makeup at its finest. An all-in-one mash-up of skin nourishment and refinement.  Can you tell I love it? Check it out.

You get a really generous amount of product.

The twist off lid is really deep so you can take the makeup straight from there mess-free.

Priori Perfecting Minerals


  1. Just curious, what shade did you buy? This looks about right for me, thanks!

  2. I adore this mineral make up. Its weightless and natural and has shown signs of reducing red areas on my face. I Love It! Best on the market I’ve tried :)

  3. The Priori Mineral Makeup is Fabulous! It has done wonders many of my client’s skins. One lady in particular use coffeeberry and it has helped to reduce the redness from her breakouts. I find myself the makeup gives me a really healthy glow.

  4. I haven't tried using this. But as I have read the review, I think I wanted to try.

  5. I would love to know what you think of their concealer and Finishing Touch powder, too!

  6. Donna ♥ Baby says:

    great mini review :) i love how you said "makeup to not scare people" hahaha. thats funny. would you hvae to buy this product online or you can buy it at a store?

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