Estée Lauder Sensuous Noir

I don’t typically write about fragrance, scents are so personal and once you find a perfume you like you typically stick with it for years. Case in point, my half-full bottle of Jovan White Musk, a mainstay in my bathroom, even if I don’t wear it daily its nostalgia factor alone has earned it a spot in my cabinet forever. My loyalty, however, doesn’t keep my nose from wandering from time to time trying to find my next favorite way to smell.

I fell in love with Estée Lauder’s Sensuous Noir bottle long before Lauder sent me a tiny purse-sized sample to try, its sleek, rounded purple bottle was enough to make me fall in love with the look of it alone. Right when I spritzed it on, I could feel how warm and sexy this scent was. It has a spicy richness about it with a touch of créme so it isn’t too heavy. I looked over its notes; Molten Woods – ok, Creme Noir – great, Night Blooming Florals – fine, Patchouli – wait a minute… Patchouli? Yuk. How could I love something with Patchouli in it? From what I can tell, it warms up the scent but somehow remains undetectable (thank God).

Although I’m not at all easily wowed by fragrances (they all kinda smell the same), Sensuous is a totally unique, sexy, addictive fragrance that begs to be warn over and again. My bottle of Jovan may have just found a new buddy.

Sensuous Noir


  1. Delores Herman says:

    Please send me a free sample, as I have never tried this new perfume.

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