Review: NYX Glitter Cream Pallet

Admittedly, glitter isn’t my thing. I’m all for glow, radiance, and a bit of shimmer, but chunks of glitter rarely make their way into my daily makeup routine. But, I’m a Makeup Artist so having something like the Glitter Cream Pallet from NYX in my kit, is just part of the job.

Let’s check out the one I bought recently, Bronze Goddess.

The compact

5 glittery, bronzy shades

First two shades

Last three

At first glance you see a ton of dense glitter that’s mixed in with their ‘cream’ which isn’t really a cream but a  mineral oil and wax combo. Having that cream base so it isn’t just dry glitter does help it to adhere to the skin better, but there are a few caveats to the palette like how the dense glitter seems to be on the top layer only. As I scraped the top layer away, I could see that there was more ‘cream’ than glitter just under the surface and the same was true with the other shades.

Another problem was the staying power, but this can be remedied by applying it in the middle of two shadows to give the cream something to hold onto, and then setting it in place by using another shadow. True, it dulls the glittery effect a bit but it locks it in place. An additional option is press a little Eye Seal over the glitter to instantly waterproof it and keep it from going anywhere. EIther way, you can’t just apply the colors to a bare lid and expect for it to stay on.

Although the Glitter Cream Palette isn’t the most sophisticated eye glitter around, it’s a steal for just $6 and the color range is pretty great. If you’re looking for a little sparkle for a night out look, check em out.

NYX Glitter Cream Pallet


  1. I don't like the shade that much, because of its glitter but the colors are pretty.

  2. Tanveer Parmar says:

    I have this palette & found it to be just ok.. I agree with your review, it is a steal for the price, but it needs setting.

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