Clip In A Whole New Do

I had bangs once. I loved how they added an instant polish to my look, like me just more grown up. This love lasted about a week then I was over the constant feeling of having hair in my face. Here I am 2 years ago, straight from the cut and blissfully un-annoyed by the hair tickling me senseless.

When I saw this pic of Kim Kardashian a while back, I thought maybe I could re-visit my bang glory days. And why not? I like how they looked and I’m off Botox (again), 2 birds one stone right?

Kimmy K workin the bangs

I might have to enlist the help of Jessica Simpson to help ease my sudden craving for fringe. I’ve heard fantastic things about her Clip-In Bangs, they’re synthetic but can take heat styling and the side pieces blend the bangs into the hair more naturally than if it were just the bangs alone.

It’s a little exciting that I’m just $26 away from rockin a whole new do that I can yank out as quickly as I clip them in.

Check out her bangs online at right HERE


  1. Sinfully_Me says:

    I really want these as long as they look real on. I wonder if you can dye them?

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