Is the Brazilian Blowout Safe?

And there goes the Brazilian Blowout. Even if the the company claims that it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, this article from WWD is pretty much a nail in the coffin for the popular treatment. Independent lab results found that the formulations contained between 4.85%-10.6% formaldehyde which is especially rotten because the company has been touting it a formaldehyde-free formula the whole time. Testing came about when stylists began complaining of irritated eyes, burning noses, and other signs of formaldehyde exposure.  

There’s already some backlash as salons across the country have pulled the treatment from their menus to protect clients and stylist alike. Here’s the recent article.

Click to enlarge and read the full article.

I can recommend a few alternatives to the blowout that I’ve tried so I know they will (safely) leave your hair silky, shiny and easy to manage.

Essence Absolute from Shu Uemura will bring out your glossy locks and tame even the craziest strands.

Good ol Moroccan Oil is still popular as ever, good luck finding a negative review of the stuff. They’ve recently added a hair spray and dry scalp treatments into the mix which are sure to be as fantastic as the original lineup is.


  1. I love Essence Absolute and other Shu Uemura products. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy. Its' great stuff.

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