NXY Super Fat Eye Marker; A Must Have For Liner-Lovers

You could probably tell me that the Super Fat Marker from NYX is made from lead paint and arsenic and I’d still think twice about not using it. It actually looks like a marker, but this eye liner easily allows you to apply liner as thin or as thick as you’d like. Check it out.

Here’s the line yesterday at 10am when I got ready for a long day (sans mascara).

And a look at it last night around midnight. Yes, I’m still using Latisse.

Another glimpse.

So here’s the thing about this Eye Marker, it’s amazing. Its a rich, stark black delight for a self-proclaimed liner enthusiast like myself. I’m grabbing another one for my kit, I can’t wait to use it on girls with deeper skin tones to get a true black line when most black liners dull out and look gray. The tip takes a little getting used to, but it’s pretty easy to manage. If you don’t like using the marker straight on, rub the tip of your favorite eye lining brush against it to transfer the color over and use it with a brush you’re more comfortable with. Either way this is a deep black, long-wearing liner that’s worth way more than the $10 price tag.

NYX Super Fat Marker


  1. Hi! May we use your picture for sample of the fat eye marker? Thanks so much =)

  2. Those eye were tantalizing, I can't seem to neglect glancing at it!

  3. Iris Moreau says:

    Thanks for the tip Carissa! I've been kind of addicted to Lancome's Artliner but I definitely need to try this!

  4. I love this! Why have I never heard of it before? (-:

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