Dry, Sensitive, and Uneven Skin Rejoice; A Body Scrub for All

I’ve always had a body scrub or two hanging out in my shower, I’m a big fan of using them even before I run the water to really slough off the dryness giving my skin new life and a healthy glow. Here are a few exfoliants I’ve used that suit every skin’s needs.

For Red, Bumpy Skin:

Glytone’s Exfoliating Body Wash exfoliates without the harsh, scrubbing granules. Instead, they use a 8.8% glycolic acid wash that you work into skin with a shower pouf to exfoliate clogged pores. It’s ideal for getting rid of the bumpy chicken skin that lurks on the backs of arms as well as the dry patches over knees and elbows.

For Sensitive Skin:

To get skin sparkling clean and really soft, you don’t have to sandpaper the life out of it. Erno Laszlo’s Gentle Body Exfoliator uses tiny beads inside a rich, yummy smelling cleanser to gently remove dry skin without the irritation. You’ll love using it on your legs instead of shaving cream to get an ultra smooth shave.

For Dry Skin:

Noah’s Naturals new packaging is perfectly suited for its sweetly simple spin on nautral skincare. Their Moisturizing Body Scrub combines brown sugar with jojoba oil, vitamin e for a straight-forward sugar scrub that smells as great as it works.


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