Michael Kors Very Hollywood Parfum is Pure Liquid Sex

I receive a lot of fragrance samples, but I review very few. Your signature sent is something really personal and it’s difficult to convey the feeling that a fragrance brings through words on a screen. However, I had to tell you about Michael Kors Very Hollywood which I love for its all-out feminine, pink, sparkling, light-hearted sweetness. It’s unapologetically feminine right down to the packaging.

I knew I was a fan right away, but would it pass the ultimate test – my hubby? Although he isn’t particular in this arena, he lets me know when something knocks his socks off. Every singe time I’ve worn it he tells me I smell good, and not just ‘hey, you smell good’ either. It’s a kind of primal eye-opening attention getter, like I’ve slathered on pure pheromones and paraded through a frat party naked type of thing. It’s liquid man-magnet, a home run. This one might just be a keeper.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood


  1. good to know! I had seen this perfume and thought the bottle was adorable, but that doesn't always mean it's the best scent. but after reading your review, it sounds pretty amazing! I love girly fragrances and who can say no to one that smells like you've "slathered on pure pheromones and paraded through a frat party naked"?? haha. sounds like a winner to me!

  2. I completely agree!!! I just smelled this yesterday at Target. It smells gorgeous!!! I looked at the ratings on Makeup Alley and they were surprisingly low. But I don't give a hoot, I love this fragrance and the bottle is so freaking adorable. I put this puppy on my Christmas wish list.

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