Revolution Organics; Natural Formulas for Lips and Cheeks

Grow baby, grow!

Revolution Organics is the little line that could, starting with 3 core products, one being their Skin Cream I reviewed 2 years ago that has 22 different uses from hair glossing to stretch mark prevention. I loved what they were doing and I knew hoped to see an expansion into the world of color, which they’ve done by introducing organically formulated glosses and color-rich balms.

I try to choose formulas that are on the natural side for my everyday lip glosses since they end up being eaten away. Their 100% natural (85% organic) Freedom Lip Gloss feels more like a rich balm than a gloss because of its soft feel and complete lack of stickiness. I love the easy formula that gives lips a casual coat of color, and the texture is something I’ve come to favor over my usual balms.

Of course being the masters of multi-tasking they had to make their Freedom Glow Beauty Balm more than just a cheek color. These tinted sticks do give cheeks a good flush of color, but you can also use them on eyes, lips, decloté, and even arms and legs. They’re formulated using olive and coconut oils so they’re hydrating and smooth into the skin really well. They’re also surprisingly long-wearing, similar to a stain but with way better blendability that’s easier to apply than most powders.

If you’re pregnant, have sensitive skin, are going through chemo, a mommy wanting  to multi-task, or just a nature girl at heart like I am, check out Revolution Organics. Their safe line of Makeup Artist approved basics won’t leave you disappointed.

Revolution Organics

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